Join the movement now!

Join the movement now!

Join the movement now!Join the movement now!Join the movement now!

Reform our congress! With at least 300 active citizens in each of the 435 congressional districts in the United States! Subscribe at the bottom of the website and 

Click below to sign the petition if you are a Minnesota resident in the 4th congressional district and could attend a Medicare For All town hall this March in the saint paul area.  I need 300 people!

The Platform


Serving The Community

It only takes 1% of the population mobilized around popular opinion issues in every congressional district to hold all of our elected representatives accountable. Let's take back our congress from the ownership class, and the corporate sponsored political agenda. It starts with public financing of elections! I need 300 active citizens to summons Betty McCollum and remind her to represent us! 


The Citizens Summons to a Member of the Congress:

Whereas, the Congress has neglected the health and safety of we the people for the benefit and profits of corporate interests. We demand a single payer system.

Whereas, the Congress has tolerated the expansion of an electoral process, corrupted by money, that nullifies our votes and commercializes both congressional elections and subsequent legislation, creating a Congress that is chronically for sale;

Whereas, the Congress has repeatedly supported or opposed legislation and diverted the taxpayer dollars to favor the crassest of corporate interests to the serious detriment of the American people, their necessities, and their public facilities – such as access to safer consumer products, health care, and other basic social safety services. It has opposed raising the inflation-ravaged minimum wage and fair taxation, allowed endemic waste, fraud, and abuse by contractors, and authorized massive corporate welfare subsidies and giveaways;

Whereas, the Congress has narrowed or blocked access to justice by millions of Americans, leaving them unprotected and defenseless in many serious ways, while giving business corporations preferential treatments and allowing them full access to influence the three branches of government;

Whereas, the Congress has imposed trade treaty despotisms over our democratic institutions – the courts, legislatures, and executive departments and agencies – subordinating our domestic branches of government’s abilities to preserve and enhance labor, consumer, and environmental standards to the domination of global commerce’s “bottom line” and endorsed the usurpation of our judicial process by secret tribunals under the WTO, and other similar invasions of U.S. sovereignty;

Whereas, the access to members of Congress has increased for corporate lobbyists and decreased for ordinary citizens, Therefore, the citizens of  the congressional district (for Betty Louise McCollum)] hereby Summon you to a town meeting(s) Before the Caucus  (Fuburary 25, 2020) at a place of known public convenience. Your constituents will establish an agenda of how Congress should shift long overdue power from the few to the many, both in substantive policy and through the strengthening of government and civic institutions;

We deem this Summons to be taken with the utmost seriousness as we gain grassroots support throughout your congressional district (or state for Senators). We expect to hear from you expeditiously so that the necessary planning for our town meeting can take place. This Peoples’ Town Meeting reflects the Preamble to the Constitution that starts with “We the People” and the supremacy of the sovereignty of the people over elected representatives and corporate entities;

Be advised that this Summons calls for your attendance at a Town Meeting run by, of, and for the People. Please reserve a minimum of two hours for this serious exercise of deliberative democracy.

Sincerely yours, David Sandbeck and the people of Minnesota

The names of citizens and citizen groups and Congress Busters


United By A Common Goal

Left or Right of the political spectrum we are not being represented! Unless you are the ownership class, we are living in an oligarchy. They, the "transnational global class" have been stripping us of our rights and our representation. We must come together and save the democratic institutions of our republic while we still can.  


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I am David Sandbeck. From Saint Paul Minnesota, I am just getting this set up to facilitate congressbusters groups in every district in the united states. Each district needs a minimum dedicated team of three hundred members to be effective. For only a few hours a month we can make a big difference.  


This group isn't set up for donations yet, but I am getting there! If you want to help me financially send me a few dollars through ACTBLUE I am also running for congress. Just look up David Sandbeck in act blue or google me.  

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About Us


It's going to take a movement

We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

At minimum 300 active members in each congressional district. But of course 8,000 in each district will really get it done!


We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

Challenge the military industrial complex and other powerful lobby groups taking away our rights and corrupting our congress. 


an hour a week will go a long way!

We will coordinate around bread and butter issues

an hour a week will go a long way!

It's time to be an active citizen and save our republic for the people!